Calmness Is the First Step to Happiness – A Survival Experience


Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. – Jim Rohn

Moments and incidents give you the real taste of happiness when you feel thankful for being rescued, which I experienced way back in 1992.

I was aboard an Indian Airlines flight from Mumbai (Bombay) to Vadodara (Baroda), the furthest western corner of the country on a summer afternoon in 1992. The normal flying time was only 30-40 minutes. Aboard the flight, the situation developed in such a way that I felt I had very little time left in my life. The horrifying 5 minutes haunt me time and again whenever I revisit the episode.

Being a marketing professional, I had to tour a lot throughout the country. I was asked by my senior colleague to accompany him for an official tour to Vadodara for visiting the manufacturing facility there.

We boarded an Indian Airlines flight at 6 AM from Kolkata, in the eastern part of the country and arrived at Mumbai, the western part of the country around 9.30 AM. The connecting flight to Vadodara was scheduled at 3.30 PM, which we made on time.

We boarded the aircraft after passing the security check and I took the window seat offering my colleague the aisle seat. The jet took off from Mumbai airport quite smoothly on time and the black waters of the Arabian Sea were visible from my window. The aircraft needed to take a right turn after taking off over the sea for Vadodara.

All of a sudden, I marked that the high droning sound of the aircraft engine was unusually weak, which I thought could be due to some minor technical snag and was manageable. The aircraft was trying to make a ‘U” turn instead of continuing the right-hand route for the destination. In came the announcement in the public address system from the pilot, which were “Ladies and gentlemen, I am your captain of this flight. We have been informed by the control that there is a bomb on board. We are returning to Bombay (Mumbai) for a regular check, please don’t get panicky. I can assure you that there is no such thing on board and it is a hoax call only. Thank you”.

The moment, the announcement was finished, a sense of failing clutched my senses. Such was the situation that my heart came to my mouth with a gripping sense of fear. Why did it happen with me? What could I do? I thought about my little children in home and felt tremendously hopeless. I started praying for calmness, which I could eventually obtain through remembering my Idol. I looked around and found that faces became bloodless and many of them had their eyes closed. The lovely looking airhostess was in her seat facing us with blank face as if there was no blood in her face. There were feeble moaning sounds coming from a few co-passengers otherwise total silence prevailed inside the aircraft except the weak droning sound of the engine. I looked outside the window and found that the aircraft was moving at the slowest possible speed though it was heading back to the Mumbai airport.

I could detect the runway, but approaching very slowly. However, I had to survive and tried to maintain calm all the time. Several questions came to my mind without any possible answers. Amidst all such thoughts, we touched the runway and left the plane for the domestic terminal and received greetings from the entire staff for safe arrival.

Later in the evening, we were once again abroad a different flight for vadodara and reached the destination safely.

I felt relieved and enjoyed the feeling of happiness in me and others as well. But one thing was certain that it was calmness that could be the main factor in helping me survive the trauma of the terrible incident.

Practice Calmness, because it is the first step to happiness.

Best wishes for a Happy and Successful New Year 2016.


2 Simple Steps that You Can Take to Achieve Happiness


Happiness is not a matter of events, it depends upon the tides of the mind.                                                                                                          Alice Meynell

Happiness is a definite status and is capable of providing a novel vision to the present lifestyle of an individual. There have been several attempts to achieve the desired status through various means and processes. Here, I would like to describe 2 simple, but vital steps concerning the subject. If you are able to incorporate these steps in your day to day activities, you would surely enjoy the warmth of the happy state of mind.


Frame of mind plays a great role in motivating the entire process, which is based on the sayings “The mind is everything. What you think you become. – Buddha “. The world is a place where diverse things and incidents occur and individuals are to face them accordingly. It seems a sad place when you look to the negative side of everyday incidents. On the contrary, if you are positive minded, you find an opportunity to detect a ray of hope in every subject that comes to you as experience. It is the positivity of the outlook of the person that creates a different position from others and helps gain great success in the professional field. Even in situations of failure, you need to maintain the strong will of positivity so that you are able to overcome the negative situation effortlessly and move forward for a better future. You must appreciate the experience of the great basketball icon, who observes, “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. –Michael Jordan”

Simple Life:

Simplicity in the lifestyle is a bold step towards attaining happiness of the mind. People in the modern society are subjected to various kinds of pressures and tension due to different reasons. Have you ever thought of finding reasons of such pressure and tension? They all make people suffer in different ways and life becomes really cumbersome. If you are leading a critical life style, you must also experience the agony of tension and stress. The more you embrace critical lifestyle, the more affected you are. Leading a life full of complexities would ultimately mean that you are under the clutch of severe stress and tension. The reality is that you can fight tension and stress for some time, but cannot go on tolerating the same aggression for an unlimited period. Hence, it is vital that you seek option to cut loose of the vicious cycle of stress syndrome, which dries up the juicy part of your life. You must have observed the experience of several celebrities becoming victims of the oppression of complex lifestyles.

You have only one chance of living a beautiful and colorful life and you owe the responsibility to your life in this respect. Get rid of living in an artificial world of complexities, shake off all the false barriers and accept the call of the inner-self. Lead a simple life. It comes with simpler stress pattern, which is easier to bear as well. It maintains the original flavor of a happy life, which you can definitely enjoy in full blossom. You feel much comfortable with life. When stress and tensions are absent, you feel free and content, which helps achieve success.

Happy New Year 2016

Practice Calmness: The Ultimate Key to Happiness


We live around many sounds. The world is full of noise. Television, conversations, the door bell and all such sounds are present in home and when you go out you have to confront various types of car horns, exchanging of dialogues, specific noises in the work place and many other types of sounds. We dislike many of them and feel disturbed. The situation is not at all conducive for a person to concentrate on a specific thing. It decreases the performance level of the individual substantially. Hence, the key to good performance is to acquire the high level of concentration. You can focus on the job when you are truly calm.

Achieving calmness depends on the power of your mind. You have to change the mindset to improve attention. Many people choose the route of meditation to acquire the characteristic, which, I think, is a little bit difficult to understand. The best way of achieving the power of concentration is to practice becoming calm. Give a minute or two every day to sit alone in the room with eyes closed in a totally relaxed posture, which should be the first thing that you do before leaving the room when you get up in the morning. If you practice it for a few weeks, you would like to continue it further and would enjoy the bliss of calmness. There will be a change in your attitude, which is the key to achieve success in your work.

Changing the mindset is a great achievement, which helps gain optimistic vision in life. Calmness of the mind helps you concentrate on a specific matter. Regularizing the practice brings a sense of approval for the task that you take up. You are able to understand problems and get the strength to find a way to overcome it.

I find the same strength when I sit before the picture of my Divine Guru, Baba Lokenath. I spend at least 10 minutes in the prayer every day before I take my meal. We call it worshiping. I feel rejuvenated with energy. For me, it is the ultimate happiness because it sets me lead a stress-free life. It has been going for more than 25 years and without a miss, except when I am indisposed due to illness. It has provided the strength to remain steady in acute calamities and here I enjoying life to the fullest with my grandson, my closest friend today.

Love people around you and see happiness coming to your way.

Merry Christmas.

5 Simple Ways to Achieve Happiness


First, you must agree that happiness is really very easy to achieve. When you are happy, you find yourself in best health conditions, relationship improves and you are able to give best in the workplace in the friend circle as well. If you want to experience the feeling of happiness, you need to change your thoughts. You become kind and grateful to others and perform all the duties with a smile on your lips. You love the life you live.

5 changes in the life-pattern bring the coveted condition of happiness. Stay away from negative thoughts and follow these easy recommendations to feel real happiness in life.

I am going to take up matter relating the creation of circumstances to become happy. There are definite ways to create situations where you feel happy, when you are convinced to promote happiness.

Believe In Yourself. When you are confident, you can achieve many goals. Confidence works in a miraculous manner, which you do not dream ever. You find surprising results.

I left smoking way back when I was 42. I had taken the habit of smoking at the age of 22 and had been a chain smoker. Smoking had an obvious harmful effect on my throat. I needed to speak incessantly during sales speeches to motivate the field force of the company that I was working. One evening, I could not continue speaking in front of a gathering due to throat trouble and as a result I had to give up the speech. It was due to smoking. I really cursed the habit and wanted to get rid of it immediately.

I was adamant and did not touch cigarettes since the particular day. I started feeling proud of not smoking where most of my colleagues smoked. I maintain the same feeling till today. I am sure; the feeling of self-confidence gave me the strength to achieve the goal.

Things are going to change when you honestly desire a change in the lifestyle. Use your confidence. It is a powerful tool to bring changes.

Know Who You Are. It is immaterial what others think about you, which is mostly untrue. Delve deeply to understand your own motives and find the real individual inside. Happiness is felt within the inner core of heart and hence it is essential that you know yourself better and in a perfect manner. Guru Ramakrishna Paramahansa said ‘Who am I’ and he achieved the divine life through seeking the answer of the most important question in life and succeeded. There lies the path of happiness.

Love the Work You Do. You will not find it frustrating or tiring when you do the work, which you love. Pick up a line that you love most or start growing love for the work that you are entrusted with. Start your day with a positive feeling. You do the work that you really love. Life becomes joyful when you develop the mindset.

Discard Anger Welcome Gratitude. Anger is the first and most powerful foe in the life of an individual. It only destroys. Keep away from anger, you would be free of resentment. Do not let the past rule your present moments because you are going to walk forward. The word hate is a monster in life and hence never let it come in your blessed life. Welcome the feeling of gratitude, which clears the pathway for happiness. Opening the door for somebody or helping a man in need helps change the mindset, which is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Be your own personality, a distinct individual so that you are the perfect person in your eyes.

Lead an Honest Life & Smile A Lot. Live in the present and try to learn the real condition around you, however difficult it may be. An honest living in the current time is always better than making castles in the air. Be honest in your dealings either with family members or friends, which sets the tone of expectations from each other. There would be no room for frustration or unhappiness.

A smile is more powerful than many words. When you smile back to a person, you grow a sense of happiness, which lingers all through the day. The journey to happiness reaches its destination when you are confident about yourself.

“Pleasure is Fleeting, Happiness is Steady” – Do You Agree?

There is a common notion that whatever gives us pleasure is the source of happiness. Most people have hazy idea about the difference between pleasure and happiness and cannot differentiate them at all. However, it is really confusing because we try to get satisfaction from one activity and jump into another, which suits the trend of modern lifestyle. I will try to explain the difference in simple words.

Pleasure is brief: Pleasure is just a moment of joy, where happiness does not exist. It is temporary enjoyment and has minimum life span. You get pleasure from video games, which live as long you are engaged in the game. You get pleasure in eating, which finishes when you complete the course. Likewise, when you go for shopping in the mall, you achieve tremendous pleasure to bag costly dresses, jewelries and many other commodities. You feel satisfied when you bring them home. You enjoy physical pleasure with your partner, which is for the given moment only.  Hence, you see that pleasure stands for a moment like a short-lived event.

Pleasure can also act as an addictive agent in life. It can hamper the mental and physical balance of individuals with obsessions on smoking, drinking and irrational physical relationships. Such lifestyles destroy the balance of mind and may result in negative way in life. Achieving pleasure is only a momentary experience. If you seek pleasure as the only goal in life, you may have to face failure at some time because it stays for a brief time. Many individuals are running after experiencing pleasure in different ways such as in eating, materialism and physical relationships, which has a definite limit. When you reach the limit, you feel exhausted and smashed.   Treat pleasure as a gift and experience it occasionally. You will not be bored. Things that provide pleasure are going to change with time, which you should understand.

Happiness is consistent: Happiness stays through the life span where pleasure is an occasion. Happiness is a blessed way of life where pleasure is only momentary experience. Aspire for the life with true happiness, which comes from learning the procedure to change the mindset altogether. You need to alter the vision towards life through practice to reach the blessed stage of happiness. It is produced internally through conviction of mind, where you need the help of the happiness coach or guide to understand the value of happiness especially in modern life. Focus on happiness because it is more reliable.

Happiness is the creation of our feelings and thoughts. Incidents that we get involved in for good of others leave a lasting feeling of happiness in us, which multiplies when we recall them at a later period. Hence, happiness is enduring and it is not influenced by circumstances or by external things. We are happy when we help others in need, which comes only from within ourselves. We go on doing good deeds, we continue enjoying greater happiness.

Happiness is supreme.

What Do You Rate More, Pleasure or Happiness?

Many of us have the idea that happiness is merely a vague notion and it has a trivial position in life. Most of us accept the presence of pleasure, which we derive from a good status, fine living, beautiful company and such things. But there is a fine line of difference between pleasure and happiness. You can always bask in the glory of pleasure, but real happiness is rare. It gives you peace of mind, which is the ultimate goal in life. When you are happy, you are charged with extra energy and do the job to the best of your ability. Success is imminent. You feel contented.

Happiness can be achieved through learning. Define what happiness to you is. You should be able to understand the true concept of happiness, which varies from person to person. Happiness coach can merely assist you to understand the true value of the blessed stage. Happiness is the moment when you want your desires to be fulfilled.

What is the pathway to achieve happiness?

Everybody has problems. There is no individual in the world that does not have problems. When you solve the problem, it may be the moment of happiness.  How to solve the problem is the next question in mind.

Look at the problem closely. The old saying says that “Behind every problem lies the solution”.  Can there be a question without an answer? Think deeply. It is the prime step in attaining the state of happiness. The entire dynamics of the problem stands on the basis of your expectation. If you analyze the situation, you would find that all problems are centered on desires of some kind. Your desire may be one minor wish or an important one. If you calculate the percentage of fulfillment of various desires, you would definitely conclude that the success rate of fulfillment is very poor in spite of best efforts. The list of unfulfilled desires accumulates with age and makes us unhappy. It finally leads to frustration. We feel beaten down and lose the charm of life, become arrogant and the success rate of performance gradually diminishes. Life becomes miserable from all sides.

What is the solution?

The simple way of avoiding the beginning of the situation is through minimizing desires. Explore ways to minimize desires in life. Are we making too much of demands?  What happens is that we create an unnecessary demand and struggle to make it successful and usually we fail. Find out what is a rational demand that an individual can aspire for. Once, you are able to break up the vicious cycle of irrational demands and disappointment, you are sure to evade unhappiness.

A life without desires, what does it mean? 

Yes, a life without desires is equal to a life without colors. But, you need to produce desires without an iota of fancies and whims. Control you desires positively with a balanced mindset. Nothing can happen as we wish. When we need rains, does it happen always? Accordingly, we expect other to behave as we desire, but it does not happen at all. The person next to me would do according to his/ her need and follow personal instinct, where we do not have any control. It is also true other way around and we do not oblige others with what they need. Hence, you should understand that fulfillment of desire depends upon a great factor of probability. It is intelligent not to succumb to desires unnecessarily and fall in the grip of frustration or unhappiness.

Happiness and pleasure are two different entities. Pleasure is derived from possessions that we have. Happiness, on the other hand, is the result of fulfillment of our desires. When we desire to visit a tourist spot and ultimately reach the place, we feel happier.  When we go to a restaurant for the famous dish of the place and eat the stuff, we feel pleasure. Travelling offers a great source of pleasure due to natural sceneries. Pleasure is derived from things that are present around us. Happiness is the outcome of fulfillment of goals and efforts to reach a status.

Happiness Comes In

The only lesson in this issue is to remain positive and change the mindset with optimistic flavor. When we are able to avoid frustration, happiness automatically sets in. It is just the process of learning and enacting in real life. It is your turn to achieve happiness and discard every bit of unhappiness.

Enjoy life deeply and in a happier way.



How Does Happiness Coaching Help You Reach the Goal?

Happiness is the result of what you do successfully and feel comfortable. It can be attained during a loving relationship or in executing the work that you have aimed to achieve. When you find happiness, you have eradicated the origin of frustration from your mind. There is not an iota of annoyance in your life. You relax in a positive atmosphere. You have found the route to achieve success in the career. Happiness is natural. It means that you have been able to make things in order in your life. Happiness coaching can help you reach the most ideal situation that you have been longing for.

First, create the pathway for the ideal life. It is chalking out a plan of doing things in life. The career path should follow the ideal life. The career should be complimentary to the lifestyle or thinking of each individual. You would be able to create a prosperous career when it is designed on the basis of the ideal life that you lead. You are free to choose the model life, which is the most important factor in the career building process.

The ability to handle negative thoughts in a responsible manner is the secret of obtaining happiness. The planning should aim to eliminate frustration due to negative thoughts. Negativity may come from various origins such as stress, unfavourable atmosphere in the working place, financial pressure and so on. You need to change the way of life to avoid the negativity. Here, you require the assistance of the happiness coach. When you follow a schedule, a sense of comfort is bound to reach you. It improves the status of conditions around you. You find a different meaning of life, which is the feeling of happiness.

Start feeling happy. Some tips may be helpful.

You are the master: You are the only one, who has the power of making you happy. You cannot depend on anybody else other than yourself in this matter. Believe in the fact that you control your own world in totality, which nobody does.

Derive Joy from small things: Find out joy in common activities like gossiping with relatives and friends over a cup of tea or coffee or listening to some music or eating a favourite pie or spending time with friends and so on.

Expectation is a negative trait: Expectation is an obstacle in the path of happiness. When you stop giving importance to expectations, you automatically minimize the scope of getting hurt. You are a young individual and wish to get settled down properly, have a nice family with a beautiful house and all other amenities to lead a decent life. You have the wish, but you cannot control future happenings entirely. Things are going to happen naturally, which may be according to our desire or not. Expectation creates huge pressure on our minds, on our relationships and culminates in strenuous situations. The situation is just opposite of happiness. It is natural to have expectations in any relationship, but it should be made on realistic value. Otherwise, the relationship is ruined. Hence, be careful about expectations in every sphere of life especially when you search for happiness.

Be happy with what you have: If you look around with a positive mind, you would definitely feel blessed because of the wonderful family and friends that you have. Admire activities of near and dear ones, your friend circle, the small house parties and many other happy occasions. Feel happier with what is happening to you now. A feeling of peace will surround you when you start looking at your own world with a positive attitude. Enjoy life and be happy. Get more from the happiness coach.