5 Simple Ways to Achieve Happiness


First, you must agree that happiness is really very easy to achieve. When you are happy, you find yourself in best health conditions, relationship improves and you are able to give best in the workplace in the friend circle as well. If you want to experience the feeling of happiness, you need to change your thoughts. You become kind and grateful to others and perform all the duties with a smile on your lips. You love the life you live.

5 changes in the life-pattern bring the coveted condition of happiness. Stay away from negative thoughts and follow these easy recommendations to feel real happiness in life.

I am going to take up matter relating the creation of circumstances to become happy. There are definite ways to create situations where you feel happy, when you are convinced to promote happiness.

Believe In Yourself. When you are confident, you can achieve many goals. Confidence works in a miraculous manner, which you do not dream ever. You find surprising results.

I left smoking way back when I was 42. I had taken the habit of smoking at the age of 22 and had been a chain smoker. Smoking had an obvious harmful effect on my throat. I needed to speak incessantly during sales speeches to motivate the field force of the company that I was working. One evening, I could not continue speaking in front of a gathering due to throat trouble and as a result I had to give up the speech. It was due to smoking. I really cursed the habit and wanted to get rid of it immediately.

I was adamant and did not touch cigarettes since the particular day. I started feeling proud of not smoking where most of my colleagues smoked. I maintain the same feeling till today. I am sure; the feeling of self-confidence gave me the strength to achieve the goal.

Things are going to change when you honestly desire a change in the lifestyle. Use your confidence. It is a powerful tool to bring changes.

Know Who You Are. It is immaterial what others think about you, which is mostly untrue. Delve deeply to understand your own motives and find the real individual inside. Happiness is felt within the inner core of heart and hence it is essential that you know yourself better and in a perfect manner. Guru Ramakrishna Paramahansa said ‘Who am I’ and he achieved the divine life through seeking the answer of the most important question in life and succeeded. There lies the path of happiness.

Love the Work You Do. You will not find it frustrating or tiring when you do the work, which you love. Pick up a line that you love most or start growing love for the work that you are entrusted with. Start your day with a positive feeling. You do the work that you really love. Life becomes joyful when you develop the mindset.

Discard Anger Welcome Gratitude. Anger is the first and most powerful foe in the life of an individual. It only destroys. Keep away from anger, you would be free of resentment. Do not let the past rule your present moments because you are going to walk forward. The word hate is a monster in life and hence never let it come in your blessed life. Welcome the feeling of gratitude, which clears the pathway for happiness. Opening the door for somebody or helping a man in need helps change the mindset, which is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Be your own personality, a distinct individual so that you are the perfect person in your eyes.

Lead an Honest Life & Smile A Lot. Live in the present and try to learn the real condition around you, however difficult it may be. An honest living in the current time is always better than making castles in the air. Be honest in your dealings either with family members or friends, which sets the tone of expectations from each other. There would be no room for frustration or unhappiness.

A smile is more powerful than many words. When you smile back to a person, you grow a sense of happiness, which lingers all through the day. The journey to happiness reaches its destination when you are confident about yourself.