“Pleasure is Fleeting, Happiness is Steady” – Do You Agree?

There is a common notion that whatever gives us pleasure is the source of happiness. Most people have hazy idea about the difference between pleasure and happiness and cannot differentiate them at all. However, it is really confusing because we try to get satisfaction from one activity and jump into another, which suits the trend of modern lifestyle. I will try to explain the difference in simple words.

Pleasure is brief: Pleasure is just a moment of joy, where happiness does not exist. It is temporary enjoyment and has minimum life span. You get pleasure from video games, which live as long you are engaged in the game. You get pleasure in eating, which finishes when you complete the course. Likewise, when you go for shopping in the mall, you achieve tremendous pleasure to bag costly dresses, jewelries and many other commodities. You feel satisfied when you bring them home. You enjoy physical pleasure with your partner, which is for the given moment only.  Hence, you see that pleasure stands for a moment like a short-lived event.

Pleasure can also act as an addictive agent in life. It can hamper the mental and physical balance of individuals with obsessions on smoking, drinking and irrational physical relationships. Such lifestyles destroy the balance of mind and may result in negative way in life. Achieving pleasure is only a momentary experience. If you seek pleasure as the only goal in life, you may have to face failure at some time because it stays for a brief time. Many individuals are running after experiencing pleasure in different ways such as in eating, materialism and physical relationships, which has a definite limit. When you reach the limit, you feel exhausted and smashed.   Treat pleasure as a gift and experience it occasionally. You will not be bored. Things that provide pleasure are going to change with time, which you should understand.

Happiness is consistent: Happiness stays through the life span where pleasure is an occasion. Happiness is a blessed way of life where pleasure is only momentary experience. Aspire for the life with true happiness, which comes from learning the procedure to change the mindset altogether. You need to alter the vision towards life through practice to reach the blessed stage of happiness. It is produced internally through conviction of mind, where you need the help of the happiness coach or guide to understand the value of happiness especially in modern life. Focus on happiness because it is more reliable.

Happiness is the creation of our feelings and thoughts. Incidents that we get involved in for good of others leave a lasting feeling of happiness in us, which multiplies when we recall them at a later period. Hence, happiness is enduring and it is not influenced by circumstances or by external things. We are happy when we help others in need, which comes only from within ourselves. We go on doing good deeds, we continue enjoying greater happiness.

Happiness is supreme.


What Do You Rate More, Pleasure or Happiness?

Many of us have the idea that happiness is merely a vague notion and it has a trivial position in life. Most of us accept the presence of pleasure, which we derive from a good status, fine living, beautiful company and such things. But there is a fine line of difference between pleasure and happiness. You can always bask in the glory of pleasure, but real happiness is rare. It gives you peace of mind, which is the ultimate goal in life. When you are happy, you are charged with extra energy and do the job to the best of your ability. Success is imminent. You feel contented.

Happiness can be achieved through learning. Define what happiness to you is. You should be able to understand the true concept of happiness, which varies from person to person. Happiness coach can merely assist you to understand the true value of the blessed stage. Happiness is the moment when you want your desires to be fulfilled.

What is the pathway to achieve happiness?

Everybody has problems. There is no individual in the world that does not have problems. When you solve the problem, it may be the moment of happiness.  How to solve the problem is the next question in mind.

Look at the problem closely. The old saying says that “Behind every problem lies the solution”.  Can there be a question without an answer? Think deeply. It is the prime step in attaining the state of happiness. The entire dynamics of the problem stands on the basis of your expectation. If you analyze the situation, you would find that all problems are centered on desires of some kind. Your desire may be one minor wish or an important one. If you calculate the percentage of fulfillment of various desires, you would definitely conclude that the success rate of fulfillment is very poor in spite of best efforts. The list of unfulfilled desires accumulates with age and makes us unhappy. It finally leads to frustration. We feel beaten down and lose the charm of life, become arrogant and the success rate of performance gradually diminishes. Life becomes miserable from all sides.

What is the solution?

The simple way of avoiding the beginning of the situation is through minimizing desires. Explore ways to minimize desires in life. Are we making too much of demands?  What happens is that we create an unnecessary demand and struggle to make it successful and usually we fail. Find out what is a rational demand that an individual can aspire for. Once, you are able to break up the vicious cycle of irrational demands and disappointment, you are sure to evade unhappiness.

A life without desires, what does it mean? 

Yes, a life without desires is equal to a life without colors. But, you need to produce desires without an iota of fancies and whims. Control you desires positively with a balanced mindset. Nothing can happen as we wish. When we need rains, does it happen always? Accordingly, we expect other to behave as we desire, but it does not happen at all. The person next to me would do according to his/ her need and follow personal instinct, where we do not have any control. It is also true other way around and we do not oblige others with what they need. Hence, you should understand that fulfillment of desire depends upon a great factor of probability. It is intelligent not to succumb to desires unnecessarily and fall in the grip of frustration or unhappiness.

Happiness and pleasure are two different entities. Pleasure is derived from possessions that we have. Happiness, on the other hand, is the result of fulfillment of our desires. When we desire to visit a tourist spot and ultimately reach the place, we feel happier.  When we go to a restaurant for the famous dish of the place and eat the stuff, we feel pleasure. Travelling offers a great source of pleasure due to natural sceneries. Pleasure is derived from things that are present around us. Happiness is the outcome of fulfillment of goals and efforts to reach a status.

Happiness Comes In

The only lesson in this issue is to remain positive and change the mindset with optimistic flavor. When we are able to avoid frustration, happiness automatically sets in. It is just the process of learning and enacting in real life. It is your turn to achieve happiness and discard every bit of unhappiness.

Enjoy life deeply and in a happier way.



How Does Happiness Coaching Help You Reach the Goal?

Happiness is the result of what you do successfully and feel comfortable. It can be attained during a loving relationship or in executing the work that you have aimed to achieve. When you find happiness, you have eradicated the origin of frustration from your mind. There is not an iota of annoyance in your life. You relax in a positive atmosphere. You have found the route to achieve success in the career. Happiness is natural. It means that you have been able to make things in order in your life. Happiness coaching can help you reach the most ideal situation that you have been longing for.

First, create the pathway for the ideal life. It is chalking out a plan of doing things in life. The career path should follow the ideal life. The career should be complimentary to the lifestyle or thinking of each individual. You would be able to create a prosperous career when it is designed on the basis of the ideal life that you lead. You are free to choose the model life, which is the most important factor in the career building process.

The ability to handle negative thoughts in a responsible manner is the secret of obtaining happiness. The planning should aim to eliminate frustration due to negative thoughts. Negativity may come from various origins such as stress, unfavourable atmosphere in the working place, financial pressure and so on. You need to change the way of life to avoid the negativity. Here, you require the assistance of the happiness coach. When you follow a schedule, a sense of comfort is bound to reach you. It improves the status of conditions around you. You find a different meaning of life, which is the feeling of happiness.

Start feeling happy. Some tips may be helpful.

You are the master: You are the only one, who has the power of making you happy. You cannot depend on anybody else other than yourself in this matter. Believe in the fact that you control your own world in totality, which nobody does.

Derive Joy from small things: Find out joy in common activities like gossiping with relatives and friends over a cup of tea or coffee or listening to some music or eating a favourite pie or spending time with friends and so on.

Expectation is a negative trait: Expectation is an obstacle in the path of happiness. When you stop giving importance to expectations, you automatically minimize the scope of getting hurt. You are a young individual and wish to get settled down properly, have a nice family with a beautiful house and all other amenities to lead a decent life. You have the wish, but you cannot control future happenings entirely. Things are going to happen naturally, which may be according to our desire or not. Expectation creates huge pressure on our minds, on our relationships and culminates in strenuous situations. The situation is just opposite of happiness. It is natural to have expectations in any relationship, but it should be made on realistic value. Otherwise, the relationship is ruined. Hence, be careful about expectations in every sphere of life especially when you search for happiness.

Be happy with what you have: If you look around with a positive mind, you would definitely feel blessed because of the wonderful family and friends that you have. Admire activities of near and dear ones, your friend circle, the small house parties and many other happy occasions. Feel happier with what is happening to you now. A feeling of peace will surround you when you start looking at your own world with a positive attitude. Enjoy life and be happy. Get more from the happiness coach.