Practice Calmness: The Ultimate Key to Happiness


We live around many sounds. The world is full of noise. Television, conversations, the door bell and all such sounds are present in home and when you go out you have to confront various types of car horns, exchanging of dialogues, specific noises in the work place and many other types of sounds. We dislike many of them and feel disturbed. The situation is not at all conducive for a person to concentrate on a specific thing. It decreases the performance level of the individual substantially. Hence, the key to good performance is to acquire the high level of concentration. You can focus on the job when you are truly calm.

Achieving calmness depends on the power of your mind. You have to change the mindset to improve attention. Many people choose the route of meditation to acquire the characteristic, which, I think, is a little bit difficult to understand. The best way of achieving the power of concentration is to practice becoming calm. Give a minute or two every day to sit alone in the room with eyes closed in a totally relaxed posture, which should be the first thing that you do before leaving the room when you get up in the morning. If you practice it for a few weeks, you would like to continue it further and would enjoy the bliss of calmness. There will be a change in your attitude, which is the key to achieve success in your work.

Changing the mindset is a great achievement, which helps gain optimistic vision in life. Calmness of the mind helps you concentrate on a specific matter. Regularizing the practice brings a sense of approval for the task that you take up. You are able to understand problems and get the strength to find a way to overcome it.

I find the same strength when I sit before the picture of my Divine Guru, Baba Lokenath. I spend at least 10 minutes in the prayer every day before I take my meal. We call it worshiping. I feel rejuvenated with energy. For me, it is the ultimate happiness because it sets me lead a stress-free life. It has been going for more than 25 years and without a miss, except when I am indisposed due to illness. It has provided the strength to remain steady in acute calamities and here I enjoying life to the fullest with my grandson, my closest friend today.

Love people around you and see happiness coming to your way.

Merry Christmas.


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