“Pleasure is Fleeting, Happiness is Steady” – Do You Agree?

There is a common notion that whatever gives us pleasure is the source of happiness. Most people have hazy idea about the difference between pleasure and happiness and cannot differentiate them at all. However, it is really confusing because we try to get satisfaction from one activity and jump into another, which suits the trend of modern lifestyle. I will try to explain the difference in simple words.

Pleasure is brief: Pleasure is just a moment of joy, where happiness does not exist. It is temporary enjoyment and has minimum life span. You get pleasure from video games, which live as long you are engaged in the game. You get pleasure in eating, which finishes when you complete the course. Likewise, when you go for shopping in the mall, you achieve tremendous pleasure to bag costly dresses, jewelries and many other commodities. You feel satisfied when you bring them home. You enjoy physical pleasure with your partner, which is for the given moment only.  Hence, you see that pleasure stands for a moment like a short-lived event.

Pleasure can also act as an addictive agent in life. It can hamper the mental and physical balance of individuals with obsessions on smoking, drinking and irrational physical relationships. Such lifestyles destroy the balance of mind and may result in negative way in life. Achieving pleasure is only a momentary experience. If you seek pleasure as the only goal in life, you may have to face failure at some time because it stays for a brief time. Many individuals are running after experiencing pleasure in different ways such as in eating, materialism and physical relationships, which has a definite limit. When you reach the limit, you feel exhausted and smashed.   Treat pleasure as a gift and experience it occasionally. You will not be bored. Things that provide pleasure are going to change with time, which you should understand.

Happiness is consistent: Happiness stays through the life span where pleasure is an occasion. Happiness is a blessed way of life where pleasure is only momentary experience. Aspire for the life with true happiness, which comes from learning the procedure to change the mindset altogether. You need to alter the vision towards life through practice to reach the blessed stage of happiness. It is produced internally through conviction of mind, where you need the help of the happiness coach or guide to understand the value of happiness especially in modern life. Focus on happiness because it is more reliable.

Happiness is the creation of our feelings and thoughts. Incidents that we get involved in for good of others leave a lasting feeling of happiness in us, which multiplies when we recall them at a later period. Hence, happiness is enduring and it is not influenced by circumstances or by external things. We are happy when we help others in need, which comes only from within ourselves. We go on doing good deeds, we continue enjoying greater happiness.

Happiness is supreme.


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